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by Black Teeth

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5 AM 01:43
I'm just looking for hips and lips And not for who you are oh, oh, oh I'm going crazy A fly trapped in a jar 5 a.m. and wasted One reason why I'm still here A hunter's fading hope that's fueled by alcohol The morals of a saint A sailor's vocabulary The sex drive of a strauss-kahn Free your inner slut It's not going too far Free your inner slut Show what monsters we are
Ratrace 02:01
I see dead people On a dead end road With dead eyes We're heading for what goal? From the inside the hamsters wheel Looks like the ladder of career Open your legs, your head will follow This is the violence they made you swallow Like a deer in front of headlights Stand still, don't move Never ask why Open your legs, your head will follow This is the violence they made you swallow All comes and goes And nothing's stable Go L.Y.M.D.I.F.Y. if you're not able
Dirtbag 02:05
I just came tumbling down this road And I will stop where you make me Stop! - yeah, you can choose to just go by With a look of jealousy and fear I'm just a playball in your hands That is what I choose to be It's up to anyone of you To drag me down or set me free REF: Yeah, I'm a dirtbag, I'm a tramp I don't know where it all ends I'm a thief, yeah for sure But I never wanted And I'll never want what's yours' You got a car, believe I lack I got accomplices straight from your dreams I know we're all stuck on this road You're metaphorical, I'm real And all the bad luck on this trip True tragedy you deeply miss I'll eat your garbage, steal your food Your security's not worth a piss
Stop writing songs These ain't times of les beaux arts Stop writing songs It's already too late Stop writing songs Inflame more than just some hearts Stop writing songs They channel our rage Don't play your part In this game Make vandalism and not art You better be smart And make vandalism and not art You can't buy it You can't sell it You can't deny it Throw the first stone Go shoplift the store Break through the fence And spraypaint the walls Commit open crime Don't hide behind your poetry It's only art And fucking not reality Don't play your part... Feelings are cheap Just aim and pull and you will see Stop writing songs Start feeling the banality Go to the Cop station And knock out some fuzz Stop writing songs Don't be cowards like us
Ride 03:18
I can't sleep and I can't wake I ran out of pills My doctor turned to cocaine And he sent me to the hills I'm still so scared of growing old Goodbye my friends, farewell You're not the worst that could have been As far as I can tell This is me asking why Or is this just my style? Go fuck yourself and die Now embrace this cryptic nightmare And keep it's basement tight Hang up the sun and then go down a dusty satellite Exploding caterpillars form a time between what's mine The new horizon's dark, it is 'cause I decide
There's god Inside of you And still You've got no soul You're a cratch there is not by any means a chance to conceal the stench coming from your crotch


released January 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Black Teeth Mannheim, Germany

black teeth heißt jetzt bore:


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